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Emsella for men

Treat Urinary Incontinence | Pelvic Floor Strengthening Treatment | Improve Erectile Dysfunction

A Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence

Emsella is a great option for people of any age who desire solution for urinary incontinence and improvement in their quality of life. 

Incontinence can be a real issue for men of all ages and can have a devastating effect on their daily lives. The Emsella Chair can help men to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and help them reclaim a more comfortable and satisfying quality of life by improving incontinence. Don’t go on suffering from Bladder Leakage or Erectile Dysfunction post Prostatectomy.

Whether you may have had a prostatectomy due to an enlarged prostate or cancer, you no longer need to suffer with losing urine or diminished bladder control with the Emsella Chair. Post-operatively, Emsella is a great way to lessen leakage and give you back control and confidence.

Incontinence in men typically presents as a small amount of dribbling during workouts or at the end of the day. Chronic cough and obesity can put pressure on the bladder and lead to stress incontinence. Some men suffer from urge incontinence – a need to urinate frequently or dribbling when the bladder is full and Emsella can help improve symptoms.

Emsella is now FDA approved for men. In our experience, we have seen encouraging results. Some men require a liner or small pad for small amounts of leakage after radical prostatectomy. These men may leak during a heavy work out or towards the end of the day. Emsella has helped the majority of these men return to continence. Some men have not had surgery but they have significant urgency and frequency to urinate. Emsella also offers a non-invasive solution for OAB symptoms.


Yes, men do have a pelvic floor and it does weaken with age!
The Happy Chair can help men to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and help them reclaim a more comfortable and satisfying quality of life by improving incontinence. The non-surgical, non-invasive treatment is a great alternative to surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction

As males progress through life, ED becomes more likely. You can find all sorts of ED treatments on the market today, from dangerous supplements that can be purchased at gas stations to expensive testosterone replacement therapies that alter hormones. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to find an effective solution that doesn’t break the bank or put your health at risk.

Pelvic floor weakness in men can lead to erectile dysfunction (difficult attaining or maintaining erection) and premature ejaculation. Pelvic floor strengthening with Happy Chair can increase penile rigidity and hardness in men with ED and improve control over time until ejaculation.

Prostatectomy can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction in men.

  • Erectile Dysfunction can be a result of an underlying condition such as a weak pelvic floor or nerve damage.
  • Hypertrophy of the pelvic muscles leads to a block of the outflow of blood. Once these muscles are strengthened using the Emsella Chair, better erections may follow.
  • Treatment with Happy Chair can lead to increased sensitivity during sexual intercourse and possibly offer relief from erectile dysfunction.

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